Heating is now more than just hot air.

Heating and temperature regulation of rooms and surfaces with healthy and invisible radiant heat is made possible with the ultra-slim, electrical Lofec panel heating.
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Lofec panel heating: Impressive. Versatile. Unique.

Mould remediation

Mould remediation

Mould is one of the biggest issues in newly-built and existing edifices and a long-lasting solution has not been found so far. Until today, in the realm of mould remediation, only cosmetic solutions have been pursued, while not remedying the actual cause such as condensation or humidity on the surface.
Supplementary heating

Supplementary heating

The ultra-slim, electrical Lofec panel heating allows temperature control and heating of surfaces and spaces with healthy and invisible radiant heat. Even directly in wet areas.

All-round heating

The maintenance-free Lofec panel heating can be used over multiple generations. No more costs for chimney sweeps or maintenance. Use the energy of the future: Electricity.
The heating now knows more about heating.

What our customers say.

We apply Lofec panel heating when renovating thermal bridges with mould infestation. The considerably lower structure strength, simple finishing and brief drying period, compared to calcium silicate boards and internal insulation, allows us to offer our customers a streamlined and durable solution. Based on positive experiences the Lofec panel heating can be used for mould prevention as well. Timo Höschele

master painter, Painter Höschele

For two years I have known and installed the Lofec panel heating in combination with our joint-less flooring by Terrazzofino. The heat’s effect with mineral surfaces is fabulous! Every visitor in our showroom gladly takes his shoes off to convince himself of the effect of the heating rails with the barefoot test. The best thing about it: the smile on the face of the customers when they give us their feedback…It works! Jürgen Knopp

master painter, Knopp & Partner AG

Lofec panel heating is the perfect alternative for permanent mould remediation and prevention. The heating rails can be covered completely with all forms of coating materials, thereby allowing a flexible interior design. Thomas Kissling

master painter, Kissling GmbH

We converted recessed halogen luminaires to recessed LED luminaires for a customer. Until then the heat output of the spots had heated up the rooms sufficiently. After the change that heat was not given anymore. Together with an acquainted painting company the idea of installing the Lofec panel heating occurred to us. Because of the low structural height the renovation work in the sales area was kept within limits. Another advantage: the spot’s position did not need to be changed, as they could simply be recessed into the heating rails! We installed the heating in the customer service areas and in the waiting room, thereby creating individual comfort zones. Our client was thrilled with the outcome. Martin Hartkopf

electrical engineer, O. & W. Hartkopf Elektrotechnik e.K.